VeriCore has achieved

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ZERO FEE collections to date!

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VeriCore has achieved


ZERO FEE collections to date!

VeriCore History

From its inception, VeriCore has been on the forefront of change in the commercial collections industry and pioneers of collection innovation that sets us apart from all other collection agencies. 

The VeriCore partners grew up in the collections industry working for the fastest growing privately held collection agency in the US in the early 1990’s when telephone sales and asset & liability investigations were in their infancy.  Over the years these future partners learned what could be accomplished through determination and divergent thinking.   In 1999 this agency was acquired by a publicly traded company and within days the bureaucracy of big business and the single focus to stockholder dividends killed innovation and customer satisfaction.   After a futile fight to preserve their core philosophies, the VeriCore founders eventually stepped out on their own to build a better mousetrap. 

VeriCore was created to forge a new era of productivity through professionalism with a focus on client retention and education.   Our unrivaled collection techniques, groundbreaking programs like our ZERO Fee collections and an unwavering approach to compliance and licensing have made VeriCore the preeminent player in the commercial collection space.


VeriCore is not the oldest or the largest commercial collection agency in the US but we are without a doubt pioneers in the industry.  VeriCore has the size and financial stability that most Fortune 100 clients demand, yet at the same time we are a “boutique” agency at our core because of the emphasis we place on client retention, flexibility and customization.   

Using VeriCore for all your debt recovery needs means you will experience the perfect balance between BIG and BOUTIQUE, and you get to experience the accomplishments that made us Americas #1 agency!


Our Team

The VeriCore team is a group of highly experienced, motivated and successful people that fundamentally believe a company should drive revenue through client satisfaction and client retention; for these reasons we don’t take shortcuts and never will!

Our working environment fosters creativity, cooperation and innovation through a focus on interpersonal relationships and because of this, our employee retention is second to none! 

At VeriCore, tenure is rewarded through our Lifeboat Program that symbolizes the importance we place on every employee regardless of position or rank.  Our team members receive annual bonuses that increase with their tenure, as well as individual flags that are hung in our offices commemorating their longevity.  

If you want to reach out to a specific team member and don’t have their email address, we can help.  Below is a list of department emails but if you are unsure which department our team members works in go ahead and reach out to and we will track them down for you!